Your brand speaks volumes. It's who you are, and what you represent. It's the big red bow on a box, the icing on the cake. Your brand is your story, your visual story! I want you to love it!! Whether you are just starting a new business or re-branding an existing one. I will work with you, hear your ideas and help you create an amazing brand, logo, blog or website that you can be so proud of you will want to eat chocolate bon-bons to celebrate! 
(I can help you with that too!) 

I'M HERE TO HELP YOU create a brand you'll love 

Branding & Design to help you shine

I'M Scottie! Photographer EXTRAORDINAIRE!

hey, you!

I'm so fortunate to have an amazing job. As a photographer I create beautiful imagery, meet amazing people, I have wonderful clients whom I have grown over the years to love. Walking into a client's home and viewing years of images and visual storytelling by me is priceless, I'm always honored when I see anything I have created on the wall of someone's home. As a photographer I wear many hats which led me creating my own style of branding, my own marketing and my own designs and logo's. As clients viewed my work, many asked me to help market, brand or build blogs for them. As this grew I knew I had a new niche and Urban Jipse was born.
I chose the name Urban Jipse because just like SEEDS STUDIO Photography, Urban jipse has a special meaning to me. I've always lived in cities, but moved many times growing up. 9 to be exact! Spelling "Jipse" in a nontraditional way (/ˈjipsē/) I thought was perfect, It's helps me stand out among all the other "gypsies" out there. I hope you love my work as much as I love creating it, welcome to Urban Jipse!